Sunday, January 27, 2013

Broadand? rarer than a Bittern in these parts

Apologies for the delay in providing regular updates but due to the blundering British Telecommunications provider who rule the poles and lines of these Isles we have been left without an internet connection for eleven days and counting. I am penning this brief piece of poorly written prose from a bench in my neighbours garden amid the melting snow and ice, safe in the knowledge that I can blag some of the neighbour’s “ wifis” while they are engaged “deep cover” in half an hour of “Flog It”

As yet there is no engineer racing to reconnect our supply, although one did arrive a few days ago and fixed the problem providing us with a quarter of a meg of broadband which fizzled out after an hour. Four hours on the phone to Sanjay and Co have failed to move things along and as a result I have kindly been given contact details for several who frequent the Chairman’s lair and have subsequently relayed my tale of woe which stretches back over many years. As yet I have heard nothing.

Five years ago the brains of said blundering British Telecommunications company deemed it cost effective to replace the twenty nine poles and mile and a half of cable that make up this ancient telegraphic spur that feeds four houses with an almost unusable broadband service. Fifty yards the other way in our neighbour’s garden stands a pole that is connected to an exchange in the other direction. It provides a super fast broadband service to the remainder of the houses in this small village.

Is it me?

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