Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A portal to middle earth and the aquatic Von Trapps

The principle reason for this second sudden post lies with the Nicholas Chientarolli Trio, whose agent is insistent that this site has failed to fulfil contractual requirements,

So here’s another film with musical accompaniment by THE NICHOLAS CHIENTAROLLI TRIO (Block capitals as requested)

Here’s hoping Nico has finally developed a feel for the flugelhorn.

The film strives to achieve an aquatic version of the Sound of Music, with the transit Von Trapps portrayed by a pod of grayling. The minnows are edelweiss, and the fronds of ranunculus are Alps swaying in the breeze/flow.

Somewhere in the mix is a juvenile brown trout, feeding hard. We are told that forty or more years of stocking with diploid trout will have rendered him extinct, but there he is, like will o the wisp, coping admirably with all around him bar a grumpy grayling.

National Strategies for Riverine Fishery Management - load of b*&*!"£s, Regional's the way

In all this media stuff, I forgot to mention the large hole in the riverbed that had passed unseen below luxuriant weed until the weed cut just past.

About a foot in diameter and a gateway to inner earth, it is manna to the likes of Jules Verne, and conclusive proof of the existence a subterranean world. In reality it is probably a dormant portal to a groundwater supply that was pressurised during the winter months and found a convenient release into a bend of the river that was at the time in a state of turmoil.

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