Friday, January 29, 2016

Dear Chris

As promised, by one who never knowingly broke the cub scout law, here is a reply from the company themselves. Three weeks after receiving my letter, which is understandable as it must have been a difficult letter to write.

They put a lot of thought into this one.

I feel the three weeks of hand wringing in hair shirts is clear in the tone of the piece, contrite, apologetic and with an unwavering commitment to refund any monies paid for a broadband service not received.

Sorry, what I meant to say was

What a completely inadequate response, but then history teaches us to expect little more.

Oh yes,

Caroline Nokes and the team in her office have been brilliant and I have received several phone calls regarding their progress with BT.
The ministry have yet to get in touch after David passed it on to them and not a squawk from Citizen Jez, but I listen to PMQ's with half an ear cocked for "I have received a letter from a citizen Chris"

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