Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Things I Forgot to Mention Due to Offloading on Over Abstraction

But first a bucolic scene to serve as balm to previous ire on the impact of over abstraction on chalk streams.


Since the previous spleen venting on the unsustainable use of groundwater supply it has not stopped raining.

Must offload more often.

Even the metrosexual tit (coming to a bird table near you) who hosts the breakfast radio commented that the rain was quite welcome,

It will freshen up the garden and turn brown grass back to green but will do little for already depleted aquifers.

In other news:

Contrary to the perennial propaganda campaign by the RSPB there are more than four pairs of Hen Harriers in England.

Oh yes,

I find the declaration by our Defence Secretary that future computer hacks could be met with air strikes a little disturbing. Ok the proposals of marriage from behind the iron curtain and business from the Central African Republic can be a little wearing, but air strikes?


What times we live in.

I think that was all.

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