Sunday, August 2, 2015



There is much to discuss, but currently we are scuppered by the broadband service provided via the ancient telegraphic spur that serves these four houses courtesy of the nation's principle telecommunications company.

It has taken much of the afternoon to upload two photographs to a cricket club website, there are eighteen more to could be a long night.

Previously this kind of event has resulted in a throbbing vein and a funny eye. A stress related condition oft experienced by airline pilots (true) for which I have been prescribed a glass of Rose and some sunshine, which is currently doing the trick.

For the record, I am writing this in the most crowded corner of a country that purports to be a member of S Club 7,

or was it G7?

I have had a better internet connection on rivers so remote they have yet to be named (that last bit may not be true, but they were a long way away from anywhere else)

If all concerned wish to continue reading this guff, please send your name and address to,

Frustrated BT customer
Crowded corner of developed nation

and I will willingly sever my ties with the poles and lines people and send copies out in the post.

BT Poles and lines broadband service in this corner of Hampshire?


F£$%$ing hopeless

To the Rose methinks

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