Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Shaw Taylor - It's beyond our ken.

With everybody hunkered and bunkered down, and with a nod to tea tine daily briefings, guff will be chucked up in a more concise form at increasingly regular intervals.

Here's a short film of the river at 7.00am this morning.

It’s no Hugh Miles, but you get the gist.

We are all staying local, with minimum movements between the breakfast table riverbank and allotment, which many would say is our default state.

Nobody is sneezing or wheezing and, as ever, social distance is our watchword.

The river is in tremendous knick, although the banks remain a bit mushy. Weed continues to have the time of its life and the voluble Ceti’s Warbler has turned up again.

Who Ceti was, and why he had a warbler remains beyond our ken.

Back soon with more river news, but with a nod to Shaw Taylor:

“Keep em Peeled”

Or was it Nick Cook and “Stay Safe”

We don’t know, just look after yourselves everybody.


The Two Terriers said...

Chris, I love the river film, quite excellent and contemplative. More please. ATB, John

Test Valley River Keeper said...

Cheers John,

Winter rain has had a resorative effect, river in fine form,

Look after yourselves and thanks as ever for reading the rubbish that I write,