Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Balm, Succour and a Vat full of Ginkgo Jojoba

I wish I knew how, it would feel to be free, I wish I could break all the chains holding me,

And why not?

Prescient prose for current times,

and again,

And why not?

With a further nod to Baz Norman, here’s another film.

Not too much to report. The Osprey passed through and I’ve been cutting weed all day. Dropped the level by a couple of inches to allow some bank to dry out before we finally open for fishing (whenever that may be)

Not mixed with many this week.

Had to pop out to the chemist and superstore for messages for people various earlier this week.

The Pharmacy people were right across the social distancing thing and everyone kept the height of Richard Osman apart.

The superstore was a different matter, and I did get cross with several members of local town society who had clearly taken the view that, having won two world wars invincibility was a given and the pox could be beaten through gung ho, bully beef and pluck.

You don’t defeat viruses or other notifiable diseases through gung ho, bully beef or anything Mark Le Francois may promote.

Viruses are beaten by changes in behaviour by the intended target.

And if college Fishery Science serves, deny a virus a platform, it will go away and sulk.

And to the jellyfish who leaned across me, coughing, to access the last four pack of tinned tuna in oil (Madam is quite insistent on this matter, spring water and brine don’t quite cut the mustard)

“back off knobhead” provided some succour.

Lawks my skin's dry, with all this hand washing

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