Wednesday, 1 April 2020

A Quest for Cannes

And so our quest for recognition at the Cannes Film Festival continues.

I am aware that I am extremely fortunate to have suffered this commute for over twenty eight years.

The posting of these mood clips is not an act of braggadocio. The aim is to provide balm to all those anglers who can"t be on the bank at this time of the year. Particularly the bank of a river that has not been in this high end state for some years.

These were taken at 7.30 am this morning, the mist rising from the water had gone in five minutes.

I don't mean to rub salt into an angler's wound, but this afternoon we experienced a brief hatch of olives that drew the trouts' eyes upwards.

Yes, there were rising fish around 2pm this afternoon.

Cut some more weed today. Ranunculus mostly, that was threatening to push clear of the water's surface.

I have not had to cut ranunculus in April for many years. It used to be a reasonably regular occurrence and is entirely necessary due to adequate winter rain replenishing aquifers. Spring Bottom has fined down considerably and will probably have disappeared by the middle of next month.

Continuing to keep our heads down here and making a point of living reasonably high on the hog with regard to reserves from the freezer. I'm sure there will be "beans on toast" days to come, but at the moment a decent bottle of vino and a better cut of meat provide some succour at the denouement of each strange day.

As ever,

Keep Em Peeled.

Unless they are a high end new potato, in which case skins left on can provide a little interest and no little roughage.


Brian said...

The fishing equivalent of Wish You Were Here postcards! If you keep posting them I’ll keep watching them.

Are you not tempted to chuck a fly in there yourself?

Test Valley River Keeper said...

Cheers Brian,

May put up a rod in a few weeks, although I anticipate comments on technique,


The Two Terriers said...

Wonderful little cameos. I love them and I'm not jealous. No I'm not. At all. keep them coming please. Stay fit and well, John

Test Valley River Keeper said...

Cheers John,

Look after yourselves and keep em peeled,