Monday 25 July 2022

Further Apologies, been a bit busy

Apologies everyone for continued tardiness with regard to chucking up guff. 

Child and her Beau's nuptials are careering towards us and time is precious so this kind of literal caper is going to have to take a brief sabbatical. 

Here's the latest parish notice 

Through the marital machinations Madam and myself hope to head out to Italy for a period of recovery. 

I'll be back back back after that, 

providing there is still a river to keep, 

Here's one of the Dever sent in by a reader the other day a few miles up the valley at Stoke Charity. 

Why mention was not made of the requirement to go easy on the old eau a couple of months ago is beyond the comprehension of many who work on the chalk rivers. 

But I guess the continued imbalance between a powerful private water company and an underfunded environment agency will have something to do with where we find ourselves, 

that and a frustrating ignorance of Joe Public to be more "water wise"

Back in a few weeks 

Meanwhile here's the testcard with state music accompaniment