Monday 22 February 2016

Apologies, Broadband Supply Again - Dear Mr Emerson

Dear Mr Emerson,

Thank you for your reply dated 17th February 2016 to my letter concerning the broadband service provided by BT to our particular area, or lack thereof.

In your reply you seem to be under the impression that my main gripe with BT is over broadband speed, and suggest that I take up my case with an ombudsman as this isn't your department's business.

The lyrical tone of my correspondence may have concealed the true nature of our travails over broadband, for which I apologise, so I shall attempt to make our case in bullet points and sharp and edgy language which may be more suited to the faster pace of urban life.

1: We have no Broadband speed from BT, we have no Broadband service from BT, as a company they have washed their hands of this small group of houses.

2: BT don't care about customers.

3: We are forced to rely on a mobile Broadband supply with a limited amount of data download permitted per month. Once this limit is passed charges for extra data are punitive, there is no unlimited data package offered for domestic supply.

4: Mobile broadband suppliers are cashing in on BT's indifference to areas they are unable or unwilling to supply

5: Monthly cost for broadband supply to household of four, who can but dream of watching moving pictures on their broadband supply is well over three figures.

6: We would happily pay for a BT broadband supply that provided a 1mb service to our home.

7: The requirement to provide a 10mb supply to ninety five percent of homes in Britain is not an idea that broadband providers are currently buying into. A government department (I suggest yours) should start getting on the broadband provider's case regarding this matter.

8: My own MP, Caroline Nokes has been brilliant, has taken our case to the ombudsman and has requested time for a debate regarding this matter in Westminster Hall.

9: It still seems unlikely but somehow I receive small cheques through the post for poorly written rubbish (hence the flowery tone) and have been encouraged to write about my experiences regarding this matter in due course.

10: Thank you for bothering to reply. It took three letters to Jeremy Corbyn to invoke a response, confirming my belief that you would be a far better government with an effective opposition to keep you on your toes.

I hope that is a little clearer and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future,

European or non European

yours sincerely

Chris de Cani

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