Wednesday, 18 July 2018

It's the Right One, It's the Bright One... That's Fishtec

Here Ye, Here Ye, Here Ye.

On reflection that opening comes across a bit Alan Partridge,

No matter, now we have your attention Fishtec have been on again, yes that' s Fishtec everybody you heard the name here first, or possibly not as they have been around for ages with Matt Hayes as their face, they provide top quality fishing tackle at rock bottom prices for the game, coarse and sea angler.

As both a coarse game angler and a game coarse angler, I have used their services many times over the years, sans deception.

I know this house has railed against any commerciality or sell out despite several offers from the risque to the downright rotten plus a proposal of marriage from a lady in Russia and yes the purity of the piece with no pop ups or banners, but with Antipodean speed cameras to support, needs now must.

Alice the nice lady at Fishtec has asked me to tell you about this article on mindfulness on their website, Previously known as float fishing it is worth a read. I know many of you will already be across the subject but Alice did ask very nicely and Fishtec have previously said very nice things about this house.

Fishtec have also said that anyone who accesses the article from this site will be eligible for a significant discount on a solid gold fly reel that they hope to bring out in the coming months, details to follow.

So there we are, a sell out. We are where we are, what times we live in etc, etc.

That's Fishtec everybody, Never Knowingly Undersold.

That last bit may be wrong.

All trade deals now considered - even the risque and the rotten, to attain complete access to this site.

It is actually a very good article on Float fishing if you care to take a look, once again

Oh yes

If the occasional advert is good enough for Britain's best broadcaster since Old Tel shuffled off, then it's good enough for this insignificant house.

Here endeth the commercial break.

There'll be another one along in twenty minutes, or ten if you currently take in Le Tour on ATV4 of an afternoon.

That's Fishtec everyone, but please support your local fishing tackle shop too.

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The Two Terriers said...

Loved the Peter Stuyvesant commercial. They ought to do a 'Where are they now' follow-up. Which ward are they in, oxygen cylinders at home! It must have a cinema ad. As for Joan Collins, well I'mgoing to sit in a cool dark place. John